Technical Authoring Service

Beaman Technical Services provides support to the project team.   This support "adds" to the team a specialist dedicated to the compilation of the O&M documentation. Your documentation is compiled to your specific requirements and delivered to achieve your programme.

The O&M manual is provided in the following formats:


The manual is converted into industry standard portable document format (.pdf) files and issued on CD.  This format is secure, easy to store, and simple to view on any personal computer. 


The manual is "built up" in portable document format (.pdf) files, on this website, as the works progress.  Persons authorised by you will be able to view the manual online 24/7 via any internet enabled device.

Click here to view a sample web-based manual

For each project we...

  • Review the specification requirments to ensure document compliance.
  • Request the O&M literature from the various equipment suppliers.
  • Visit site to survey and record plant details.
  • Write and compile the manual.
  • Prepare and issue the draft copy of the manual for comment.
  • Revise & update the manual to incorporate the issued comments, literature, test records & drawings.
  • Prepare & issue the final manual on CD.
  • Maintain an online copy of the manual for viewing by authorised personnel - via the internet 24/7.